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About Heather Mallett

Valiant Be–a memoir of fortitude in the face of adversity–is a collection of short stories and vignettes that begin with the author’s childhood growing up in a gristmill in rural Ontario. 
The Mill was located on the outskirts of Toronto, which in 1941 had a population of 645,000. The stories include some of the hazards of living in close proximity to a stretch of the Don River north of Steeles Avenue, as well as the perils of school, summertime, university, marriage, motherhood and beyond.
Here is an excerpt from one of the stories,

WALLS OF WATER, in Valiant Be:
"The troughs of the waves were so deep, it was like being in between two walls of water. Nothing but turquoise blue surrounded our kayak. We were surely going to drown.
A swell lifted our kayak, allowing us to see our guides in the distance, on another crest, wildly gesturing for us to turn back. But how could we? My years of experience as a flat-water canoeist in Ontario had not prepared me, or my husband, John, for anything like rip tides or countervailing winds on the Pacific Ocean. The incoming tide pulled us, while the wind pushed us. We bobbed around on the sea, cork-like and powerless. …"

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  • Accredited Post Graduate Studies completed: Group Dynamics 1 (IPA 5129) Saint Paul University, 1993

  • Poetry Workshop (291) Carleton University, 1988/89

  • Celtic Studies (CLT 3999) Guided Research: Sources of Zoomorphism in Insular Manuscript Ornament, 58 page original research paper, University of Ottawa, 1985

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  • Psychology (4.367N) Behaviour Disorders of Childhood, Carleton University, 1974/75

  • Secondary School Specialist Certificate in Art, Ontario Ministry of Education, 1974

  • Elementary Teacher’s Certification (Ontario), 1961

  • B.A., (Psychology major) University of Toronto: 1958

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