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Change the World

I had a dream last night– a video dream in full techniclour. I knew that I had to write the dream down, because it contained instructions for managing climate change so that it would reverse itself.

Just as I was trying to wake myself up, I felt a small nose beside my face, and a gentle tongue licking me. The digital clock read 3.23 AM. Bella needed to go outside.

We crept down to the back door. I hoisted on my coat and purple toque, fumbled a bag and a flashlight into my pocket and out we went.

There were no stars in the sky. A slight scent of skunk wafted in the breeze. Bella did some research before determining the exact location for her mission.

I picked up, and we crunched our way back to the door, and into the warm house.

And that dream? I couldn't remember a single detail. Nothing.

If climate change is not reversed, it will all be Bella's fault.

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