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Cottage Journal Post #2

An ambulance ride, followed by 4 hours at the West Parry Sound Health Center was an unexpected little surprise a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty amazing what can happen when one trips on a dog leash!

The staff at the Rosseau Nursing Station and at the hospital could not have been more wonderful, as were the paramedics who transported me from Rosseau to Parry Sound -- about 36 kilometres. By some miracle no bones broke as I fell to the pavement of the parking lot in Rosseau. But I am not supposed to let my arm get wet until it heals -- which means no swimming for several weeks.

The beauty that surrounds us more than compensates for no swimming. A friend has told me about a waterproof sleeve -- I am wondering about finding such a thing in Parry Sound.

A walk with Bella to the Pine Tree Point is all it takes to know that

"Everything will be all right in the end."

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